Download Act II+! (includes Act I+)

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“I died once.

Vacant Sky is an RPG released in three episodes following the death and rebirth of Auria Edith, a small-town girl whose violent and unexpected death turns her world upside down. After her equally strange resurrection, Auria finds herself drawn into the heart of a mystery involving a cult of masked cultists who will stop at nothing to make her their goddess.

Contention is an RPG divided into three episodes, featuring tactical turn-based combat as well as branching story and characterization. The new ‘Complete Edition’ release adds significant improvements to the graphics and gameplay, as well as an enhanced story and new choices to make. It is free to download and play.

Act I+: Death and Rebirth (Download Now!)

Act II+ Night Zero (Download Now! (includes Act I+))

Act III: Angel of Justice (coming soon)

Original soundtrack ‘Sounds of Contention’ by Tarranon (Listen and buy on Bandcamp!)