06/30/14: The Ars Harmonia open beta has been entered in the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest!

02/09/14: Vacant Sky Awakening is now available for preorder on!

05/18/13: The second soundtrack for Vacant Sky Awakening is now available on Bandcamp.

03/10/13: The first soundtrack for Vacant Sky Awakening is now available on Bandcamp.

01/06/13: The Kickstarter for our new game, Vacant Sky Awakening is now live!

09/22/12: Encarmine, a gothic fantasy/adventure visual novel, has just been released! Check it out now in the new Project BC store!

10/25/11: Ars Harmonia, a web original set in the Vacant Sky universe, is now live! A new chapter will be released every Monday.

10/15/11: Finding Eden, an action/adventure microgame about friendship after the end of the world, is now available for download!

03/22/11: Sounds of Contention, the Vacant Sky original soundtrack, is now available for digital download!  Check it out and hear some previously-unreleased tracks!

01/01/11: Vacant Sky is the Misao award winner for Game of the Year!  Thanks to everyone who’s supported us and congratulations to the other winners!

: Vacant Sky Act III is now available!  Grab your Act II save file and begin the final part of Auria’s journey.

06/22/10: Got rid of the ugly old page and rebuilt the site from scratch.

06/20/10: Act III is now in the final stages of beta. The theme song, “Memory of the Sun”, was released.

01/05/10: Vacant Sky Act II is now available! Don’t forget to hold onto your save file for when Act III comes around.


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